I decided to have my palm read out of curiosity, and went into it with an open mind and low expectations - but the analysis Molly provided was startlingly accurate and quite an emotional experience to read. It told me things about myself I've always known - and others that I have had whispers of throughout my life but overlooked. I recommend The Telltale Hand to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves. Honestly, even as a novelty this is well worth the money, its like the most accurate horoscope you have ever read spanned across your entire life. 5 stars again and again - thank you!

- Cadence


Molly. I can only say how grateful I am for this gift of palm reading you have given me. Your gift for understanding ones hands and reading and sharing your knowledge is amazing.

- Jean


I've always been intrigued by palm reading, having done it before at fairs. Molly's understanding of the craft and reading of my palm was excellent. I got my results promptly and in great detail.

- Tam


I had never had a palm reading before I came across The Telltale Hand. I found Molly on social media and was immediately intrigued. I reached out for an online full hand read and was amazed by the in-depth analysis Molly provided. The analysis provided me with very accurate and interesting information. Some I already knew and had been aware of for years and other things I found very interesting but wasn't convinced it was accurate. I decided to lean into those areas and so far have been pleasantly surprised to learn these too are accurate. I highly recommend Molly to anyone wanting to do some self discovery or just looking for something fun and interesting to try.

- Amanda


My friend and I did this together. We sent in our photos and waited until we got together to go over the results! We were both shocked at how detailed and unique our reports were from each other. It described each of us perfectly and it was a great way to look forward but also validate a lot of our feelings. I loved it!

- Michelle



If you want to feel seen, give yourself this gift!

I had a full palm reading done and was very impressed with the technique & interpretation involved with the details of my hand. The thorough report back on the characteristics were so fun to go through, accurate & very validating. Most I knew about myself but the greater detail helped me understand more about who I am. I highly recommend Molly if you are looking for a skilled palmist to authenticate yourself and feel fully recognized.

- Michélè

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