Single Palm Reading

(one question)

Frequently rather than a full palm reading, people come to a palm reader looking for guidance on a specific question – they want to know when they’ll find love, or if their career is about to blossom, will they have a child, will they settle abroad?  The answers to these questions are indicated in the lines of palm. While no future is set in stone, your temperament, physicality and current life path are clearly etched and can provide powerful guidance and reassurance in life’s biggest questions. You don’t have to ask about your future necessarily either, anything you’d like to know is fair game!


  • I need a clear picture of each palm – ideally in full natural light (the better the picture the better the reading). Please include a note with your question, your year of birth (to determine timing on the lines), and whether you are right or left-handed.
  • This reading is for one question only - if several questions are asked I will answer the first one.



left Palm

A close up of a man's right palm

right Palm

A close up of a man's right palm

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