Frequently Asked Questions

Are you psychic? – No. While its true some palmists work in tandem with intuitive or psychic abilities, my practice is based only on rigorous study and observation.

How can this work? - Science is only beginning to discover how personality is reflected in physical characteristics. For example, did you know the length of your ring finger compared to your index finger is related to the amount of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb? Or that redheads have a higher pain tolerance? Its not such a leap to believe that the form of our hands can show something of our personality!

Is this a scam? – No. The service I offer is exactly as advertised, I will analyse your hands and give you a clear, honest account of what I see. My readings are informed by the modern methods of hand reading which are universal and based entirely on physical manifestations of personality traits and a chronology of events. However, if I see any symbols with meanings in traditional palmistry, I'll let you know that as well.

What does the Bible say about palm reading? – the Bible doesn't mention palm reading at all. It does expressly forbid divination, fortune telling, mediumship, and necromancy (Deuteronomy 18:10-12), but palm reading is none of these things.

Can you tell when I am going to die? – No. Its true there are sometimes characteristics in a hand that may indicate an early death, but our fates aren’t set in stone and forwarned is forearmed – at worst your hands might tell you that you need to make some lifestyle changes ASAP.

Can you read someone else’s hand for me? – No, I don’t read hands belonging to anyone other than the one making the request.

How accurate is this? – There are indications in the hand with more than one interpretation – certain finger shapes, for example, can indicate an exceptional ability to deceive – is this person a duplicitous phony or just a great poker player? Usually other parts of the hand provide enough context for me to make an educated guess, but not always. Likewise, some markings on the lines of the palm form as a result of a huge emotional upheaval – it isn’t always clear whether this was a burst of positive or negative emotion, and the owner of the hand would need to clarify.

Can palm reading predict the future? – Yes and no. Our futures aren’t set in stone – the lines on your hand will show the path you’re currently on and where that path is headed – however, the lines can and do change, and making changes to your lifestyle or manner of thinking can drastically alter your current “future”.

How long do online readings take? - Single question readings will recieve a response within 2 business days, Full readings within 1 week.

Do you only accept Paypal? - If you aren't set up for Paypal or would prefer to pay by e-transfer, please send me an email on the contact page to make arrangements.

My pictures are too large to upload, what do I do? - Try changing the resolution on your phone's camera to 1:1 in the settings area. Alternatively, you can email the pictures to yourself first, which may give you the option to reduce the file size automatically.

Its been longer than the estimated time for my reading, where is it? - Check your junk mail/spam folder!

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